29th May: New Facebook Page

Hello! First, I would like to apologise for not posting on here for a while! Unfortunately I have been bogged down with exams for my university course and that has tied me up somewhat…! But now it’s all out of the way, I can focus on Guppy’s Garden again! Hooray!

This leads neatly into my second point, and I just wanted to point you towards a Facebook page that I have created for Guppy’s Garden! Being on Facebook will hopefully allow us to get in touch with people much more easily, and we intend to post regular little snippets like photos and other behind-the-scenes stuff that you wouldn’t otherwise get on the YouTube channel! You can find the page here: https://www.facebook.com/guppysgarden

You’re very welcome to ‘like’ the page and thank you for all your kind support to date 🙂


18th April: Success at the Spring Show

Today was our village’s 50th Spring Show! There were several classes which could be entered with most focussing upon daffodils, though there were other classes including one for tulips, another for a mixed display in a bowl and many more.

We had no daffodils to enter since they had all but finished, but I decided to exhibit some tulips in the hope that I might win something. For our Show, you need to follow the Show Booklet (e.g. the tulip class asked for three perfect blooms of the same cultivar) and have your exhibits set up by 10:30am and then disappear whilst the judging takes place. You can then return between 2-4pm to look at the exhibits and see if you’ve won a prize! I popped back at 3:30pm to find I had won the 1st prize! Apparently the judge was very impressed with my tulips and their straight stems! I must admit I was a little taken aback since I hadn’t expect to win, but clearly I had done something right!

image1 (2)

My tulip entry (‘Hollandia’)

So there we go. I’m REALLY pleased to have won my first-ever 1st! I’m definitely going to have to get hold of some exhibition-quality daffodil bulbs, and perhaps I’ll discuss that in a future video. As you know, we are preparing several things (like the ‘Kelsae’ onions, ‘Kestrel’ potatoes and ‘Shirley’ tomatoes) to exhibit at the Summer Show. With any luck, today’s win bodes well for the summer, and I’ll ensure I revisit these until the event takes place!

Smiling away!

Smiling away!

16th March: Episode 14 now live!

I’m pleased to say that I’ve uploaded Episode 14, which is titled Chitting Seed Potatoes. I always find growing potatoes to be a little more exciting than other vegetables, although I’m not sure why! Perhaps it’s the mystery of not knowing how good (or poor!) your crop is until the pots are emptied out!

In the video I look at the seed potatoes that we’ve been chitting (starting off) in the greenhouse:

  • Charlotte: the variety we grew last year
  • International Kidney: a highly popular salad and maincrop type, also called Jersey Royal
  • Kestrel: a variety widely used for exhibitions due to its interesting colouring
  • King Edward: our first time growing a maincrop potato.

Our Charlotte plants grew fairly well in pots last year, and I’m very eager to give a few other varieties a go. In an episode very soon, I will show how we are planting these this year, and I will continue to give some progress updates until it is time to harvest! And as touched upon in the video, I have a little experiment to try… Watch this space!

I also give a quick look at the other plants currently in the greenhouse. I’m excited most about the ‘Kelsae’ exhibition onions, and I’m really hoping to achieve some respectable sizes by the end of August. If all goes to plan, our intention will be to exhibit these at our village’s summer horticulture show in early September. They’re definitely a long-term project since they were sown on Christmas Eve, and so I hope they don’t let us down!

In my next episode, I will be starting off some dahlia tubers…

13th March: Guppy’s Garden returns!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks but last Friday (6th) I uploaded the first episode for 2015 called Pruning a Buddleia. You can find the video here:

As you’ve probably guessed, I show what needs to be done and explain why it’s so important!

You’ll be pleased to hear too (I hope) that I’ve also Episode 14 recorded and it’s currently being edited together! I’ll be talking about the potato varieties we’re growing this year, plus giving a quick tour of the different plants in the greenhouse. So watch this space!

15th February: Dwarf irises

Well we’ve had a couple of reasonably mild days, and we’ve been rewarded with the first dwarf iris coming into flower! It’s Iris reticulata ‘Harmony’.

'Harmony' dwarf iris (15th February 2015)

‘Harmony’ dwarf iris (15th February 2015)

These are little bulbs which are dotted about in the alpine bed, and were planted in the autumn of 2013. We’ve also another, called ‘Pauline’, which is purple. I really love the burst of colour they bring, and by flowering so early they really do kick the gardening year off with a bang!

3rd February: Return of the snow

Well the snow’s back! And we’ve had a little bit more this time… Well, not that much. It’s enough to nearly hide the veg patch though.

The spring cabbages looking a little snowy! (3rd February 2015)

The spring cabbages looking a little snowy! (3rd February 2015)

One thing I’ve tried to keep on top of is replenishing the bird feeder, which we set up in a quiet corner in December. At first I must admit that it had few visitors, but I’m pleased to say it now boasts some lovely, regular clients like robins, blackbirds and wrens.

One of the regular visitors to the feeder (26th January 2015, taken by Steven)

One of the regular visitors to the feeder (26th January 2015, taken by Steven)

I find it pretty satisfying to do something for the local birds, and it’s always nice to be outside with a bit of birdsong. Bird feed is relatively cheap too, so I’d definitely recommend having a feeder in your own garden.

Here’s Steven’s quick video of a robin:

29th January: A light dusting of snow

We received a bit of snow this afternoon! This wasn’t exactly unexpected of course, having seen the media coverage of North England and the weather forecast…

A little bit of white on the greenhouse! (29th January 2015)

A little bit of white on the greenhouse! (29th January 2015)

Thankfully, though heavy at first, it soon passed over and we were left with little more than a dusting! I’ll be keeping an eye out over the next few days for any further snow, which could be a problem if a heavy amount builds up on the greenhouse roof… I don’t want any damage, so I might have to get the broom out!